Speaking: various recorded talks and presentations

Q&A at Perth Arrival launch - how to make it happen

With Mike Salvaris and Carol Innes

Economics of Arrival: Perth (Australia) launch


The Economics of Arrival

Talk for the AdaptEcon gathering in Iceland, 2019

What makes a good life? Making economic growth pay off for everyone

Podcast with Policy Forum's Sharon Bessell and Martyn Pearce

Wellbeing instead of growth: why our idea of development must be rethought

Public lecture for the German Network of Pluralist Economics

Better not more: an economy based on wellbeing

Talk with Dirk Philipsen (Duke University) for the Emerge Platform in Berlin

Reimagining Economics

Talk to the Reimagining Health gatherings June 2019

New Measures for a New Movement

My talk at the Beyond GDP conference in Halifax in May 2019

Reimagining the economy

Disruptive Innovation Festival (from 27:30 mins) June 2019

The future of the economy

Podcast reflecting on our book's messages May 2019

Do we need growth to deliver good lives for people on a sustainable planet?

BBC Scotland interview (at 1 hour 37 mins 22 seconds)

Can we deal with the climate emergency while obsessed with growth?

BBC Scotland interview (at 13 mins 35 seconds)

Scotland 2030: A Wellbeing Economy?

Scottish Parliamentary event with the Scottish Future's Forum

Can Wellbeing Economics Work? NZ's efforts and beyond

Panel discussion at LSE with New Zealand's Finance Minister

On Davos, the role of business in addressing inequality & Scotland's potential in buildig a wellbeing economy

Interview with BBC Scotland GMS (starts at 2 hours 49 minutes)

Chatting about the book Arrival, progress, development, Oxfam, sustainability & WEAll

Long form interview with BBC Scotland

Beyond coping with the current economy to a wellbeing economy

Talk to ColaboroAmerica18

Real Business of Wellbeing - podcast with Lena Ski

Talking about the emergence of the Wellbeing Econonomy Alliance

Regennarration podcast

Talking about life, work, WEAll, system change & my bad taste in music....

Panel discussion after 41st TB Macaulay Lecture by Professor Jacqueline McGlade

Starts at 1 hour 7 minutes

Politics Galore Podcast

This week we feature a full length interview with Katherine Trebeck of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance talking wellbeing, radically different economics and giving her take on current Scottish Politics

New-Ism podcast

Interviewed by one of my heros, Mel Young, founder of the Homeless World Cup

Building a wellbeing economy

Opening talk at OMINA sustainable fashion conference in Costa Rica

Panel discussion for Come On! book launch

Chatham House

A wellbeing economy alliance

Webinar about the Wellbeing Economy Alliance for the Network of Wellbeing

Beyond GDP for a wellbeing economy

Network of Wellbeing's marking of 50 years since Robert Kennedy's GDP speech

Can Scotland go from running to stand still, to thriving?

Talk at the 20 year anniversary celebrations of Galgael Trust 2017 (from 5:20 mins)

Seminar given with Maja Gopel at the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity 2017

7 minute interview as part of the New Economy Social Innovation forum 2017

Interview for the Upstream Podcast about a new economic paradigm 2017

Scottish Lost Decade seminar, 2016

Talk given to the Ecology of Care conference in Copenhagen 2016

Lecture given to the European Environment Agency 2016

Interview with Kenneth Hogg from the Scottish Government for their U Lab MOOC

Closing talk given to Small is Beautiful Conference 2015

A new measure of progress: the number of girls riding their bikes to school?

Discussion on the 2 minute manifesto podcast

Inaugural professorial lecture given at the University of the West of Scotland 2014

Scottish Parliament Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee 2014

6 minute talk given to the opening session of the 2013 Scottish Radical Independence Conference.

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