Books I have had a hand in...

The economics of Arrival: ideas for a grown up economy (with Jeremy Williams)

What do people and planet really need from the economy? Is quality of life undermined by the drive for economic growth at all costs? In this provocative book, Trebeck and Williams describe a new challenge: a move from expansion to inclusion.

Building a wellbeing economy

Chapter in New Thinking for the British Economy: The economy of today serves the few at great costs to communities and through collateral damage to the environment. Even if growth as usually understood brought with it some benefits (and clearly institutions and distribution were key to this, not just growth per se), it is running out of puff.

'Fletcher and Steve'

Chapter in Knock Twice (editted by Andrew Simms), a new collection of 25 modern folk tales for troubling times.

‘Tackling Timorous Economics: A New Economy for Scotland’

Co-authored with Stephen Boyd and George Kerevan

'Oxfam’s Humankind Index'

Chapter (co-authored with Asha Abeyasekera) in Wellbeing and Quality of Life Assessment, edited by Sarah White

'Concepts and Challenges Relating to the Economics of Independence'

Chapter co-authored with Stephen Boyd in After Independence (editted by Gerry Hassan and James Mitchell)

Marketing for Mortality? The Scottish Case and the Humankind Index

Chapter with Kathy Hamilton in Humanistic Marketing (edited by Richard Varey and Michael Pirson)

Mothering, poverty and consumption

Chapter (with Kathy Hamilton and Lisa Glass) in Motherhoods, Markets and Consumption The Making of Mothers in Contemporary Western Cultures (edited by O'Donohoe, Hogg et al)

In the Collective Interest: Job Quality

Chapter with Chris Warhurst in The Communal Idea in the 21stCentury (edited by Ben-Rafael, Oved and Topel)

Indigenous/NGO Alliances Confronting Corporate/State Alliances: The Case of Jabiluka Uranium Prospect

Chapter in Corporate Social Resposibility: Comparative Critiques by (edited by Raman and Lipschutz)

Corporate social responsibility and democratisation: Opportunities and obstacles

Chapter in Earth Matters: Indigenous Peoples, the Extractive Industries and Corporate Social Responsibility (edited by O'Faircheallaigh and Ali)

Corporate responsibility and social sustainability: is there any connection?

Chapter in Power, Culture, Economy: Indigenous Australians and Mining (edited by Altman & Martin)

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