The Australian bushfires are a wake up call to build a more humane economy

Opinion piece for German newspaper Taz

EXPERT VIEWS: Can nations prosper by putting well-being before GDP in 2020?

Quote in Reuters article

"Stories are more powerful than statistics" in economics. If so, asks Tim Jackson, what's a better story?

Cited in The Alternative's piece

Could we replace a world in which good business means being profit-driven and money-oriented with a society that puts people and planet first?

Interviewed by The Environment Magazine

Some people think that economic growth is the only way forward, but that may not be true

Interview with Finnish paper Aamulehti

It is not a question of raising hunger wages - Why people are on hunger wages, says welfare economist

Interview in Finnish paper Kansan Uutiset

Overcoming the Myths of Mainstream Economics to Enable a New Wellbeing Economy

Article in Sustainability co-authored with Coscieme, Sutton, Mortensen et al

The obsession with GDP threatens destruction of the planet as we know it

Cited in Caroline Lucas MP's piece

An economy for Scotland that’s better than growth?

Article for the Enough! project

A new economy for all

Article for the UN Association's Transforming Our World series

Incheon to a wellbeing economy?

Article about the development of WEGo for The Mint magazine

'New Economics' - The Way to Save the Planet?

Cited in Matt Green (of Reuters)'s piece

Building an economy that will work for all

Opinion editorial for The Herald asking questions about The Growth Commission agenda

Time for an upgrade: a new operating system for the global economy

Interview with Matt Green from Emerge

Scotland can help show the world what real economic progress could look like

Writing in Holyrood Magazine about how Scotland can help design an economy in service of the collective good

Scottish Government urged to lead global inequality fight

Interview with The National's Greg Russell

The quest for a global economy that works for all

Opinion artcile in the Glasgow Herald

Interview with La Monde on degrowth

Collaborate to change - the story of WEAll so far

Article for The Mint Magazine

Toward a Sustainable Wellbeing Economy

Article in Solutions Journal co-authored with Costanza, Caniglia et al

A Wayfinder's Guide to Systems Transformation: 18 insights for catalysts and convenors

Report from the Workshop ‘How might we approach transformational change for complex challenges in the future?’ (edited by Fiona McKenzie et al)

A policy agenda for changing our relationship with consumption

Article with Iain Black and Deidre Shaw in Journal of Cleaner Production

Places of prosumption: Community gardens putting the 'we' into neighbourhoods

Article with Iain Black and Deirdre Shaw et al in Families, Relationships and Societies

Changing the narrative: Measuring progress by measuring what matters to families

Article with Iain Black and Deirdre Shaw in Families, Relationships and Societies

Changing the narrative in our relationship with consumption

Article with Iain Black and Deirdre Shaw in Families, Relationships and Societies

From ‘I’ to ‘We’: Changing the narrative in Scotland’s relationship with consumption

Article with Iain Black and Deidre Shaw for Common Weal think tank

Better not bigger’: building a greener economy beyond consumption (PDF)

Article for Scottish Left Review

Building Back Better: Business Contributing to a New Economic Paradigm

Article for Institute of Development Studies Bulletin

The UK Doughnut: A framework for environmental sustainability and social justice

The world faces twin challenges: delivering a decent standard of living for everyone, while living within our environmental limits. These two concerns are brought together in Oxfam’s Doughnut model, which visualizes a space between planetary boundaries and a social floor where it is environmentally safe and socially just for humanity to exist.

How Work Can Damage Your Health : The Case for 'Decent' Work

Article for University of Strathclyde's IPPI

The Scottish Doughnut: A safe and just operating space for Scotland

The Scottish Doughnut suggests areas of life, or domains, which might constitute a social foundation, below which no one in Scotland should fall. It also begins the process of identifying which planetary boundaries might be useful for incorporation into a national Scottish analysis. The paper then provides a snap shot of Scotland’s current situation by assessing performance against these suggested domains and indicators.

Our Economy: Towards a new prosperity

For too many Scots, the existing economic model is failing. Far from improving their lives, it traps them in a cycle of economic hardship. Yet it is possible to overcome poverty, both in Scotland and across the UK - many of the solutions already exist, hidden within the very communities hit hardest by an economic model that worships at the altar of ‘economic growth’.

Exploring the responsiveness of companies: corporate social responsibility to stakeholders

Article in the Social Responsibility Journal

Different roads? Evidence about the changing provision of English social housing

Article with Ken Gibb in the International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis

Relative Advantages: Exploring Private-Sector Impact on Disadvantaged Groups and Deprived Areas

Article in The Journal of Corporate Citizenship

Tools for the Disempowered? Indigenous Leverage Over Mining Companies

Article in the Australian Journal of Political Science

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